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Judul:Richie Rich - Don't Do It
Diterbitkan:07 April 2009
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This is the title track, "Don't Do It" off of Oaklands very own "Richie Rich"!!! Man, I love this song. I love it because it show a good perspective of choices that we have and that we should always "Think" before we "Do" something. Straight up old school G-Funk. As many know...Richie Rich was one of the founding members of the legendary group called, "415"! Which is the very same group that inspire Snoop Dogg, Warren G & Nate Dogg to form their group "213", when they were young G-Funk pioneers back in High School! Richie Rich and 415 inspired many! Richie Rich has the smoothest rhyme delivery and his lyricism is sharp as a diamond cut blade! Basically he's always on point.


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