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Judul:How to Fix Operating System Not Found - Missing Operating System?
Diterbitkan:16 April 2016
Suka Ini ?:

You might see this error for several times while using the Windows operating system. This is a very common error that most of the Windows users don’t know what this error comes from and don’t know, how to fix operating system not found error. There are thousands of people that asking this error message that saying “Operating system not found“. One of the Windows users who asks this question.

What Does it Mean When your Computer Says Operating System Not Found?

This mean for your computer might happen the following issues. When your computer hard disk, inappropriate or incorrect BIOS settings, damaged or corrupted HDD, and the last thing. You might have partition something wrong and your disk become deactivate.

Now follow this video to solve and fix it.
If you are better with text then go to below link:

Or do the following steps:

1. Boot your device into windows 8 or 10
2. Select keyboard and language then click Next.
3. In the install now window, don't press "Install Now", instead press Shift+F10 to open the command prompt or CMD.
4. Type the following commands. 1. Diskpart 2. list volume 3. select volume 2 4. active 5. assign

In command 3 you've to select your own volume. You have to select the volume that operating system is installed on it.

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